Sabina by Shera Muthoni

Sabina by Shera Muthoni

Sabina, the woman who would smile to the moon and back.
The same woman who would dance the sun down,
Sing the birds out of their nests, or back to their nests,
Either way, she was a voice.

Sabina, the heart of gold,
A mine for all.
She spoke love,
Slept love,
Ate love with a side of love.
She was love.

Sabina, all the above just a shadow,
Tucked away behind the dark.
A path for legends and knights,
Well, if they don’t leave skeleton,
She was cold.

Sabina, the woman with built walls around her heart,
Dungeons and torture cells for those who dare, dare.

Sabina, who bit her tongue and pledged war.
Sabina, who hurt you?

Shera Muthoni


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