She was lying on the floor, white tiles glistening like a newly oiled baby, clutching her stomach her bony
hands pressed against it.

She was sick, sick to the core, throwing up her guts. Her tears streaked face made the grim reaper scamper in fear. Previously applied mascara ran down her face. Her eyes looked like red velvet, bloody and bruised. Her cheeks had lost their color and sagged against the bones that had held them with so much grace.

Sia’s Alive played in the background. “I’m still breathing. I’m alive.” She let out a laugh, hollow and drier than the Kalahari and Sahara combined. Heartbreak, not even that could come close to what she was feeling.

Probably it’s another love drama but that feeling was foreign. Love, she didn’t think it could harm he that much. Maybe a broken heart would be easier to handle. Cured by a bottle of gin and tonic, song that would remind her she’s a fighter. It would hurt for a while and then she’d rise on her feet and dance to Coldplay and Maroon 5.

`Where do I start? ‘ She crawls painfully, she needs to stay away from the shattered mirror. She had almost made it, comfort was a breath away. Her movements stopped suddenly,the little strength left slipped away.

The scales were shining, the hiss was a melody beckoning. It moved towards her clouding her rationality. As it slithered, she was put in a trance. It aimed for the jugular, throbbing against her delicate neck. She didn’t even feel the pain as she sank into oblivion.

White blinding light, soothing voices and silence.

Have I made it to heaven? Eternal peace. Has it been always so close? Was it this easy? Is everything behind me? Is it all over?


`Hey, can you hear me? It’s a miracle you survived. You lost so much blood, you almost slipped away at
the table. Hey, can you hear me? ‘

Lost her? She had been lost so long ago. Maybe this time she had been found for good.
Maybe. She closed her eyes and welcomed the spin. The room went quiet and she could feel the serenity
that came with it.

By Joy Sofia (Joy Wanjiku)

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  1. The character is quite engaging. Her monologue is quite revealing of the troubles people fight alone. It is with such an insight that it is advisable to accommodate persons showing symptoms of depression.

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