Technology Robbed Us Blind…

Technology Robbed Us Blind…

It was in 2005 when the information technology course became more popular than the famed medicine course. Young tucks at the time thought they had made it as it was a combination of information; acquired by books, and technology that sought to solve every issue that blocked mankind from prospering. Now this notion takes me back to primary school science where there was this topic that involved levers and pulleys whose theme was making work easier. Well, the technological evolution that was so much talked about has brought with it some damaging blows to the way we used to live our daily lives, the way we used to treasure memories, memories that would come in handy when making crucial life decisions .

Today, every elite thinks that Google is the Holy Oracle where they can tackle anyone who differs their “intellect”. I believe that this is where it all went wrong. Back in the day, you would find friendships that lasted a lifetime. Those bonds that went beyond pride, fame, and even to some extent reputation. More so, in the 70s, photo albums were something significant as a visitor opened page by page sharing memories of their beloved friends. Then, friendships lasted until technology robbed us blind. As we bid this decade bye bye, we have to acknowledge that tech has robbed us: Similar to the slave trade. The African Kings who were used to the usual praises and showering of exotic tastes found new tastes in the foods brought by the Arab traders. I even suspect they were fooled using salt. Sarcasm in ploy.

With the world crying of the potential of Artificial Intelligence finding ground in the already set technological foundation is quite a huge step for Africa, and we should take caution lest we begin another rat race we will obviously loose at the end of the game. See, all these bonds i mentioned above represent a system that followed order. Order became disrupted by the notion of technology where the internet is dubbed as the ultimate source of knowledge. I have to laugh at this backward notion. See, people disregard the Bible claiming the authors of the stipulated texts were not as advanced as people are nowadays. But little do we know that what is written is culture of the people back then, how they lived and how majority ended up living close to 150 years; We remember Methuselah, the oldest person to live till date. Does this jog your mind or does it hail technology: Sarcasm serves cold.

Nonetheless, those are days that passed two thousand years ago and we are here at the blink of another decade with block chain and AI being the pillars of this ten years to come. I might say these are great opportunities that could create job slots for the larger majority. We have seen such uneven economies in some parts of the U.A.E where the price of a litre of petrol is a mere 28 Kshs. More so, the cars being driven are V12 engines owned by wealthy individuals. However, within the same borders there are still people who cannot afford to place food on the table. I hear it is being referred to as the fourth industrial revolution: Almost laughable considering the negatives of the famed technological revolution.

Having seen the doors of the university, i decree that us as a continent could have the right guns to deflate this humongous plastic revolution. Having deep culture instilled deep within us, we could be able to jump this rope and forge a new road towards prosperity and fortune. It is without a doubt that us as Africans had something deep within us. I picture a scenario where the numerous tribes hummed in unison summoning the spirits when disaster like famine or even floods struck. They would sing their way into the night with the united bond of the African soul and pray that their prayers were heard. I mean, it would be a disaster if such catastrophes went on; they would wipe out an entire community; thus killing their heritage just like that. With such in mind, we as Africans should stick to our roots as they give us nutrients similar to the case of a Mugumo tree, as believed by the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. So i beg to differ with the famed theory that all we need is technology to make our livelihoods better: Technology robbed us blind.

By Colin Stanley

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