Hello Wapenzi!

Here she is in all her splendour; the Sultan’s yacht docked on the Mombasa harbour. WSA Kenya is her name, held in the cursive arms of the quill, eyes wide in anticipation of the promise of adventure; the storms of poems, the lulling rocking of long tales, the stripping bare of the blue skies that declare the beauty of non-fiction… Dreams, new places, refreshing perspectives, wonder and pleasant surprise.

Her virgin voyage pulls at the strings of nature’s romantic heart; for nature, herself is sentimental in her rain, her sunrise, and sunsets. It also grips at the sinew of ardour, for nature too is passionate in her affection and temper, and the sea is her blood just as the wind is her spirit.

What does the heart want? Are you afraid of the idea of oblivion, what is oblivion to you? What would you give for something for free? And lastly, how priceless are memories? Read about this and much more on this wonderful cruise. The icing on the cake? An interview with one Kiswahili sanifu spoken word artist and photographer. A room for poets to meditate, a lounge for Flash Fiction enthusiasts to let their thoughts fleet through and out to sea, a bonfire of stars for storytellers.

Our hearts go out to victims of the Corona Pandemic, our prayers and meditations ever an intercession, barely enough but in earnest and with love.

Stay safe, stay clean, stay positive.


Isaac ‘Gate’ Kilibwa

Ass. Chief Editor

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