My Choice – Cate Nyabuti

My Choice – Cate Nyabuti



My Choice – Cate Nyabuti

Mother, father, and the man I should marry

Like old friends sit by the fire

Taking in the warmth; sipping on their cups

Exchanging pearls of wisdom

They nod in mutual understanding

Bound by their pact, they periodically laugh

I’m seated at the corner; busy

Pretending not to listen.

I dare not interrupt the custodians of my future


Mother looks at me; assuringly smiles

They want the best for me, and my future

 My daughter is Eve; you have to be the Adam

Father tells my future husband.

And my future husband has to be many things;

We must share ancestors, for a pure bloodline

A decent upbringing, for a cultured bloodline

Belief in God; for a pious bloodline

An agreeable conduct, for our reputation

Must not interrupt my schooling;

Our bloodline must remain learned

And has to match or exceed my intellect;

Our bloodline must be affluent.


Now satisfied with their choice of this acceptable man

The council turns to me with their verdict;

I must meet this now non-existent man

I must choose him; they’ll take no less;

Perhaps more

Their choice is my choice; our choice-

The best choice.


This man I have to find

A man who is all these men

Am I the woman he wants to marry?

2 thoughts on “My Choice – Cate Nyabuti

  1. Very interesting. I like the evocative theme that touches on the sociocultural influences of African societies. When the will of choice is compromised by parents, the very moral fabric of virtues in societies is on a path of decay.

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