Better Tomorrow?  – Susan Syondie

Better Tomorrow?  – Susan Syondie


Better Tomorrow?  – Susan Syondie
I’m a worrier!
I worry when my periods don’t come on time
I’m not the kama mbaya, mbaya, type of girl
I worry when my sister has been dumped
And eating becomes a thing of the past!

I worry!
When a father neglects his duty for his kids
And turns his face away from what matters
Coiling his hands when they need help
But extending it for strangers to eat from!

I worry!
When families turn into foe
Make their homes  battlefields
When people meant to catch a bullet for you
End up shooting you instead!

I worry
When a government neglects its citizens
And leaders forsake their people
When churches turn into businesses
And the christians allergic to the truth!

I worry!
When we become social bullies
Pushing people off cliffs
And instead of saving them from fire
We end up putting them in cuffs

15 thoughts on “Better Tomorrow?  – Susan Syondie

  1. “I worry, when families turn to foe…” It happens everyday, everywhere, and that really worries me, Sue.

    Great piece

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