Enslaved – Faith Chepchumba

Enslaved – Faith Chepchumba


Enslaved – Faith Chepchumba

I am tired
Of waiting for too long
Too long away from home

I have spent days
Weeks and now months
Away, missing my folks

I am trapped
In this old rusty place
No way to earn my freedom

I am a slave
Following all the rules
Yet there is no escape

It is hopeless
For I work all day
Yet I do not get some rest

My mind is exhausted
And though I stay silent
I always think of my home

I will hold on
Fatigued, waiting
Very far away from home.

9 thoughts on “Enslaved – Faith Chepchumba

  1. This reminds me of “I know why the caged birds sing” This is a sad sweet piece Faith. Keep writing

  2. Quite melancholic, this piece…

    You must never lose sight of home, no matter the distance, for, in the words of H. R. Ole Kulet, “Home is never too far for one who is still alive”.

    All this will pass, Faith. Freedom at last, that’s what we all desire…to be home and free.

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