Man In The Mirror – Joy Ng’ethe

Man In The Mirror – Joy Ng’ethe



Man In The Mirror – Joy Ng’ethe
Man in the mirror,
Are you scarred?
Are you hurt?
Are you alright?

I should be ashamed,
I can’t imagine the pain,
Sorry will never be enough,
Time can only numb.

She’s a thorn,
A sweet bitter kind of pain,
Can’t you let her go?
She only destroys and breaks.

Man in the mirror,
Stay away from her,
She doesn’t know how to nurture,
She doesn’t know how to love.

Be warned my friend,
She kills and destroys,
A raging storm that doesn’t calm,
Keep away to protect your heart.

Man in the mirror,
She wishes she’d change,
But the scars remain,
Flee while you can.

You don’t deserve the pain,
Not the she, either,
Not even the hatred,
You deserve the world.

The world is not at her arms,
Not at her feet,
Not at her hips either,
It’s far from her presence.

Man in the mirror,
Preserve yourself,
The temptress is a hurricane,
Run towards shelter.

Be wary man,
She’s not worth it,
Forget her man,
Banish her memories.

Take a day at a time,
Never again,
For someone like her,
Man in the mirror, let her go.

4 thoughts on “Man In The Mirror – Joy Ng’ethe

  1. The frustration of man, the afflictions from this woman. Did he really deserve it? Maybe not and that’s why the author commissions him to an exodus from her enslaving Egypt.

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