The Heart Wants What It Wants – Edith Knight Magak

The Heart Wants What It Wants – Edith Knight Magak

The Heart Wants What It Wants – Edith Knight Magak

The heart pounds fast. In sync with the thrumming moves its owner is making. They are matching beat for beat to the up-funk music blaring inside The Haze Disco. It doesn’t matter that they are the only ones on the dance floor.
It’s used to it now. Every Friday night, with her owner, they religiously make their way to the disco. After four shots of whisky, they take ownership of the dance floor, most times they are always joined immediately.

Once in a while though, like tonight, things are different. A man has been watching them since they ordered their whisky, his eyes are still trained on them as they monopolize the dance floor. The heart, unlike its owner, already knows what will happen.

The man will approach them when they go back to their stool. After about two more bottles of shared whisky, they will spend the night with him. Later under the sheets, amidst the groaning and panting, the heart will pulse and thump so greatly, threatening to abandon the chest. This man will be with them for the next few nights, if they are lucky, even weeks.

The heart will be glad when it finally gets company from the tiny tympanic faint beating of a mini heart from her owner’s stomach. But when they find out, the man will leave and its owner will go to the clinic and stop the life of little heart.

The heart knows this because it’s happened too many times before. Okay, maybe eight times is not too many- but this time the heart has a plan. It wants to rest- keeping up with this body has been a struggle. The slow, fast, erratic, steady, unpredictable beating is too much for it, too much.

This time when they go to the clinic and little heart is silenced, it will stop too. It knows the timings, after the syringe is injected, little heart will beat a little louder, just for a moment, fighting to live, and then defeated, it will stop. When the stomach cramps and building start, that’s when it will also stop too, and follow little heart to wherever.

The heart, unlike its owner, knows it’s just a matter of time. And as the music gets louder in The Haze Disco, and the man continues to watch them on the dance floor, it thumps louder, happily, knowing that if all goes well, then the end is near.

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