Thieves – Wilson M

Thieves – Wilson M

Thieves   – Wilson M

At the town gate, one sultry day
Thieves! Thieves! The watchman’s cry
The townsfolk gathered, crudely armed
Show us they! The unison chant
Stared back at them; didn’t utter a word
Irritated they left, grumbling at his folly

A short while later…
Thieves! Thieves! The watchman’s cry
As previous they gathered, bloodlust driven
Yet again he stared; not a word he uttered
Exasperated, they turned on him
To his heels they put him
Their time he wasted; a lesson they would teach him

As he ran, he still shouted
Thieves! Thieves!
Blind a dull, neither looking nor perceiving
They would have seen; understood
The thieves were they.

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