Wuhan, China!  –  Faint Pen KE

Wuhan, China!  –  Faint Pen KE

Wuhan, China!  –  Faint Pen KE
The larger than life that we wanted to live became a fairy tale. The drinks we toasted on terrific Tuesdays, slowly turned to something of the past. The women we crushed on every Wednesday, are now scared in our arms.
The nostalgic Thursdays we reminisced, are neither a thing to smile about. The freaky Fridays, a call from Gustavo, even the drunkards are on self-imposed rehabs. The long weekend of football and dates is now a thing we do not want to talk of. Not to mention, the Sundays we would assemble, singing hymns and praises. Yesterday might be gone. Tomorrow is uncertain. I hope when asked how it all started, Wuhan, China, would sound like a one-night stand that messed the rest of your life.
Hope and faith, have the same meaning as naive and paranoia. Little to hold on to, the whiskey you used to binge drink often sound like a Chinese food that we have never seen nor tasted. Anything that is crawling scares the shit out of us. The makeup you would spend an hour to prepare is to be hidden behind a mask! I heard some of you complaining that even safe days are now going to waste.
Would you for a moment think about, when are you going to be free? We are free but trapped within the shelves of our undoing. Prisons are irrelevant. We are in chains. Schools will soon start looking like ancient museums and abandoned buildings. We are peeping through closed doors and windows, watching sunsets that never meant anything except for the few who glow with nature.
The least I can do is stay at home and sanitize? What is that? How about having a bat for dinner? Huh!

One thought on “Wuhan, China!  –  Faint Pen KE

  1. This is amazing.
    Lyrically written, sad almost funny
    It’s got the right mix of everything.
    Well done!!!!

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